Frequently there is a ribbon cutting ceremony where an over sized pair of scissors is used to cut an over sized ribbon to officially open for business. The Grand Opening or Ribbon Cutting for your retail store, car dealership, new office building, government facility, university building, aquarium or entertainment center, equestrian park, golf course, country club, community center, sports venue, museum, symphony hall, hospital or event facility is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your business or attraction to shine. This is your time to get favorable publicity by carrying out this public relations opportunity in a professional manner with a lot of fanfare

Balloon columns, arches, drops, and giant balloons are frequently used with a Grand Openings. They are usually accompanied by special sales or other promotions and giveaways. These openings may also be accompanied by attention getting displays like searchlights lighting up the night sky or a fireworks display. When available a radio station is invited out to promote the Grand Opening with a live “on-site” broadcast. If the business has any recognizable (and in some cases, not so recognizable) mascots, they will generally appear at the Grand Opening.