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How to Execute Your Client’s Vision

The most important component of any event planning business is the customers. No event business will grow without the clients that you amass, and it is important that you as an event planner or events professional are able to impress your clients. In order to ensure that every client that you cater to is impressed by the services you provide; it is important that you closely heed the vision that they have for their event. Irrespective of the fact that it is a professional event, a casual event or a birthday party, every client has their unique vision with regards to the event that they are organizing and paying you to orchestrate. Therefore, executing your client’s vision has to be one of the topmost priorities that you need to ensure.

However, the lack of communication, misunderstanding and aspects that have not been addressed can lead to you creating an event that your client didn’t envision, thereby creating a bad impression in the client’s head regarding your company and the services you offer. In the event industry, word travels at breakneck speed, and creating a bad impression regarding your company should be avoided at all costs in order to ensure that your business does not suffer an unnecessary blow, or face an obstacle that could have been easily avoided if you had just adhered to the best practices for executing your client’s vision. The three most important things that you need to do to host an event as your client envisioned are listed below.

Active listening

A lot of things get clarified if you just focus on listening to your client closely and actively. The brief that the client provides to you usually includes important information pertaining to the event and if you happen to just listen closely to them, you can actually gauge into the vision that they have in their mind regarding the event. Being an event professional, you are obviously somebody who has a creative bend of mind and has formulated your own vision concerning how you can plan and orchestrate a wonderful event, but it is not common that your client shares the same vision. At the end of the day, it is the client who is paying for the event to be hosted, and therefore, what they have in mind is most important beyond anything else. Of course, you can provide your own creative inputs into the planning of the event, but at the very core of it, these ideas must align with the blueprint of what the client has in mind. Active listening does not simply mean that you hear your client out, but also involves the very important task of asking them pertinent questions that will help clarify the requirements and vision further. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask your clients about more details about what they want, and make sure to note down every specification that they mention, in order to ensure that you end up executing your client’s vision to the very last letter.

Inquire about specific themes or color schemes

It is not unnatural or extravagant for clients to have color schemes or themes in mind. After all, everybody wants to host an event that is exactly according to how they have imagined it in their head. Moreover, themes and color schemes allow for fun ideas to be implemented while hosting an event, and can actually make the event much better than they would have been otherwise. For professional events, a color scheme plays a very big role at times, if the company wants it to embody the brand image that it has created for itself. Asking your clients beforehand regarding specific themes or color schemes will save you the trouble of last-minute changes, and will also allow you to organize your décor, accessories, lighting and even music at times to represent the exact theme that the client had in mind.

Asking for visuals

No other item provides more clarity than an image. It is not hard to imagine that you can see, owing to the simple fact that you know what it looks like. Therefore, it becomes much easier for you to organize and use elements that will be best for you to create an event that is closest to the visual that you have been shown. With the rise of platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and the internet as a whole, the availability of visuals is not hard to come by, and will also provide you with accountability in case your client says that the event you helped orchestrate is not like how he/she wanted. You can always go back to the visuals, compare and show to your clients how it is exactly like the visual that they had shown to you; provided that the end result is similar to the visual of course. Therefore, make sure that you ask your client if they have any visuals to show to you that they like, and would want their event to replicate or look like. It will also give you a clearer insight into the client’s expectations, and help you with executing your client’s vision in an efficient and comprehensive manner.

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