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How to Throw an Epic Pool Party!

Summer season might be the hottest of the four major seasons but it is also the most interesting one. Summer brings with it a lot of different activities like a trip to the beach, eating ice creams and most importantly pool parties. Pool parties are one of the most enjoyed events of the summer season.  Many people throw pool parties. Some tend to keep it simple while others don’t hold back. The day you throw a pool party can end up being the best and the most memorable day of your life so try to throw an all out epic pool party.

Select A Pool Site

The most important thing for a pool party is a pool. If you have a pool at your house and you feel that it would be a good one enough to carry out a pool party then you should go ahead with the idea but if you want to have a really epic pool party then you need to find a pool somewhere far from the residential area. You don’t want to disturb the neighbor and you definitely don’t want the party to stop early so it is better to select a pool that is located at a farmhouse or a hotel.

Select The Date

The date of the party is always going to be important.  In order for you to throw an epic pool party, you need to have a large amount of people at the party. You can decide the number of people you want to invite and then send out invitations however you should carefully select the date so that all everyone you have invited can easily attend the party.

You May Or May Not Select A Theme

Pool party in itself is a unique idea however you can also select certain themes for your party. Common themes for pool parties are Hawaiian themes pool parties and Surfing themed pool parties. You can select any other theme but you have to make sure that your theme is fun and entertaining.

Don’t Let Your Attendees Leave The Pool On An Empty Stomach

You don’t have to arrange an entire buffet for the party. A little variety of snacks would do the job.  People don’t attend pool parties for the food, they attend it for fun and enjoyment but you should still have a little variety of snacks and drinks at the party as these things can help in better socialization between the attendees.

Hit The Music

Music is an important aspect of every party. There are hundreds of different songs that you can hit on at your pool party.  Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up The Sun” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” are two such examples.  The music is totally your choice but it should be loud and fun. Boring music will make your party boring to try to put up fast and loud songs that are known to work great at pool parties.

Water Games

A pool party can never be complete without some water games. You can arrange for several different water games to keep the party going. Water games are very effective as they help to keep everyone’s interest in the party. Most common water games played at pool parties include Tug of water war, water balloon fight, water slide and many more.

Don’t Forget The Decorations

No party can be epic without little decorations. You might feel that balloons and other decorations aren’t necessary for a pool party. This is totally wrong. You need decorations to create a party vibe in the area. It also makes for a better presentation.  You don’t even have to sit and blow up the balloons yourself.  If you are throwing a party in DC then Luxy Balloons can help you get already blown luxury party balloons delivered to your party site.

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