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How to Use Music to the Set the Vibe at an Event

Music plays a very important role into the success of all events. Ever been to an event and things seem akward? Music can honestly fix that issue. Without the right vibe, many things can go wrong. As an event planner, you need to understand how music can help you make your event one to remember. Thanks to the fantastic DJ Romin for giving us tips on how to use music to set the vibe at an event.

The most important thing about using music to set the tone for your audience is knowing who they are and also the host vision for the event. The genre of song you will apply in a wedding might differ from the ones you would use at a corporate event.

Music for different occasions

Your overall goal for a wedding as an event planner is to structure the day so as to ensure the event is memorable and everyone has a feel-good moment. Ensuring that the attendees still have the right amount of energy to carry them through the night. Envision the end from the start; plan the day from the ceremony, down to the cocktail and then to the dinner. Structuring your occasion will help you know what to play throughout the entire schedule. One of the things that can set you apart is creativity and uniqueness. For dinner, you don’t have to go the traditional slow jam way; you can mix a couple of hit songs and play them at the pace that is perfect for the vibe in the room. There are cue cards you can watch out for to know if you are doing the right thing like people tapping their feet or moving slowly to the rhythm of the song.

Corporate events
Corporate events are unique because you have a lot of professionals in the room; whether it’s a networking happy hour or a conference. Though people are usually concerned about how fun or professional the event should be, it’s your duty as an entertainer to curate the right music that attributes to that environment. For instance, in networking events, you need to play a song that is low but at the same time allows the natural conversations and connections to occur. If the event aims at ensuring people have loads of fun, then you need to have the right combination of different genres that will allow that to happen.

Making an event exciting and memorable can go a long way to determine how often you will get jobs as an event planner. Asides the foods, aesthetics, and the hall, how well you manage people’s mood is key to the success of the event. The above tips should come in handy when next you have an event planning gig.

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