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Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding trends change rapidly with time. Some traditional practices stay on forever where as some new ones get added with each passing year. Some couples like to have a classic traditional wedding, whereas some go for the fancy arrangement with a few guests by keeping it unique and different. Each year, the event managers experience a new list of trends. They say that by the passing time a new blend of opinions is being observed as the families have become really choosy in the ideas.

Some of the top wedding trends for 2019 include;

  • Classic Elements

According to Laurie Arons, no doubt that couples today usually prefer the modern and the edgy wedding decor; but there are still couples out there who prefer having a classical and traditional wedding style. It includes a traditional and cultural dinner with a ballroom wedding, the classical dress designing of the brides and grooms and batten burg laces overlays. Moreover, the setting will include silver napkins, traditional silver plates and cutlery along with candlesticks and crystal stemware.

  • Wedding Cakes

As per the statement of Laurie Arons, the trend of wedding cakes will be experienced at a higher rate in the upcoming weddings of 2019. She says that these brazen and eye-catching confections look wonderful when they are experienced in a theme of full colour. The trend of serving sweet and assorted desserts has now become old. The celebration is now trending towards a big and focal cake cutting at the end of the ceremony. The wedding theme cakes with a glimpse of golden shade, dark blue and red contrast looks appealing.

  • Floral Decor

The trend of the floral decor was usually observed in the ancient royal weddings. The whole area used to get decorated with white flowers keeping colour in collaboration with the bride’s dress. According to decor managers, large flower installations over the doors are going to be a popular trend of 2019 weddings. It will give a royal and a dramatic touch to the ceremony as many celebrities in the past had their wedding in this way!

  • The Wall of Balloons

Mindy Weiss, one of the leading wedding and ceremonial decorator says that gone are the days when balloons were used only for the kid’s birthday parties and New Year Eve’s! Now, these balloons are going to be used in the wedding ceremonies, giving a different and a unique look. In the upcoming weddings, a wall of balloons will be introduced at the entrance. This wall of balloons can be used as a selfie station. Moreover, the arrangement of snacks and beverages can be made in front of this wall. You can get some very beautiful balloons delivered to your desired location through Luxyballoons offers amazing and beautiful balloons at a very reasonable price and the best thing about them is that you get balloons delivered to your doorstep.

  • Welcome Bags

The trend of “return gifts” and “welcome bags” is quite old. But this trend has been modified in 2019. Virginia of the Bluebird production says that “mindful gifting is the new trend for 2019”. This means that the idea of customizing your own welcome bag as a mini gift is something really great. These designed goodie-bags can be served at the entrance to every guest separately or can be placed at one corner of the room from where guests can collect themselves.

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